Dear Friends!

Our company MURPHY SHIPPING & COMMERCIAL SERVICES LTD carries out the following shipments:

By road transport
By air
By water transport
By rail

Transportation of international goods by road transport;

Another service area is transportation of goods by road transport.
The company ensures the delivery of cargo to any point of the world using its potential resources with maximum efficiency.
It should be noted that when implementing large-scale and long-term projects, MURPHY SHIPPING & COMMERCIAL SERVICES LTD also involves its partners.

The company internally monitors and guarantees the timely and full delivery of standard volumes of cargo, as well as the fulfillment of its obligations.

International cargo transportation by air;

Our company, MURPHY SHIPPING & COMMERCIAL SERVICES LTD, organizes high-speed air transportation of standard, very valuable, bulky, heavy and dangerous goods. The company’s international partners enable the delivery of cargo of any size and any type to any point of the world in the shortest time, with high quality and affordable prices.

At the customer’s request, our company carries out the quick delivery of cargo by air transport, including all necessary customs clearance and documentation work in air transport.

International cargo transportation by rail;

Our company MURPHY SHIPPING & COMMERCIAL SERVICES LTD also carries out cargo transportation by rail.

Types of services offered by the company by railway:

Acceptance of any amount of cargo:
Constant tracking of cargo;
Transportation of complex, large-volume, including cargo that requires transportation under special conditions;
Organization of load securing in the transportation of heavy and bulky loads;
Organization of separate routes for transportation of special cargoes.

Transportation of international cargo by means of water transport;

Our company is pleased to offer you international cargo transportation by water transport, optimal loading and unloading services.

The types of services offered by the company for transportation by water transport:

Renting of ships of any type and any size for the transportation of general cargo;
Prompt delivery of information to the customer about receiving cargo of any volume and size, customs clearance, cargo placement and condition;
Organization of cargo insurance.

We offer you, MURPHY SHIPPING & COMMERCIAL SERVICES LTD company, to benefit from our services in our logistics warehouse complex located at Salyan highway, 28-30 km, Garadagh district.
To date, our open areas are 8000 m2, and our closed storage areas are 2000 m2;

Our company offers the following:

1. Storage of goods in our open area under permanent control/guard and in our closed warehouse areas equipped with modern equipment;
2. According to the client’s request, to provide him with manpower, cars and auxiliary equipment, carry out the collection and packaging of cargo and the preparation of necessary documents;
3. Unloading, loading and delivery of all types of cargo/goods;
4. To inform the customer by observing the transported cargo/goods along the route;
5. Provision of comprehensive advice on warehouse services;

Our company is always ready for mutually beneficial cooperation.