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Chartering team at Murphy combines forces and expertise of officers with 6 to 15 years of experience in maritime transportation and ship vetting industry. We can offer ship brokerage, chartering or full ship management servicesworldwide and in the Caspian and Black seas in particular. Full ship management services can be arranged along with technical support and maintenance or with commercial and supply management only. Profound knowledge of market and commercial side of the shipping industry along with the expert knowledge of safety management system, insurance requirements, rules and regulations set up by IMO, BIMCO, INTERTANKO, ISGOTT and OCIMF give peace of mind to our Charterers and Shipowners and allow major oil companies to use knowledge and expertise of our team members. Our team first introduced OCIMF requirements to shipowners in the Caspian Sea region, implemented safety management system in Makhachkala port; jointly, along with BP Shipping, developed a special ship vetting, auditing and chartering program, while raising HSE awareness and standards of traditional Caspian Shipowners, and thus allowing BP Oil International, Statoil, Vitoil, Euro-Asian, Veba Oil, Kazmunaygaz, Burren Energy, Milio to employ the Caspian fleet and our company to handle 70 % of transportation of Crude Oil and light products between international ports of Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Russia and Azerbaijan. Murphy team was the first to create through its specially designated affiliates, Kron Shipping UK Limited and Caspian Integrated Maritime Services special safety management training program for masters, high ranking and technical support officers arranged jointly with BP Shipping’s Ship Vetting Department.