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Murphy Group of companies have been providing customs co-ordination services to our Customers worldwide since 1975. In Azerbaijan Murphy continues its tradition of outstanding performance in Customs co-ordination, agency and brokerage business based on deep knowledge of international and local Customs legislation. This allows us to stand firm when it comes to defending our Customers’ interests before state institutions and at the same time to provide our Customers with informed knowledge of their obligations and rights. Our services include but not limited to the following:

  • High standard and fast track customs clearance at competitive prices;
  • We have 100% performance rate according to multiple surveys of customers;
  • The Company employs professional logistics specialists including in-house licensed declaration brokers;
  • Murphy Azerbaijan has partnership with Baku Logistics Centre (Baku Cargo Terminal) to fully execute all operations at Baku Airport;
  • Murphy Azerbaijan has partnership with Ramal Trans Ltd. to fully execute customs operations at Silk Way Trucks Park;
  • Our Customs Coordination includes consultation and orientation, comprising of customs export/import declaration preparation; organisation of customs inspection; customs clearance with duly paid taxes, fees and levies;
  • Consignments can be arranged under different customs regimes (temporary import/export, responsible storage, and bonded regime) in conformity with local laws and regulations and international legislation;
  • Our licensed Customs Bonded Warehouse at Murphy Estate Garadag allows our customers to store their goods/cargo at our warehouse as per the legislation for 3 years without having to pay any customs duties. This also allows for a partial clearance of goods/cargo on demand, stored under customs regime.