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MSCS’s Integrated Management System provides effective supply chain management in the oil and gas industry, where HSE requirements and implementation of Quality Assurance systems are understandably high. Under this management system, MSCS conducts regular induction training sessions, as well as business ethics and qualification improvement courses.

For these purposes MSCS has allocated fully-equipped meeting rooms at its Garadag-based office centre.

Long-term operations and projects alike benefit from the following key assets of MSCS:

  • People
    We have a high number of specialist oil and gas logistics experts
  • Procedures
    We employ procedures developed by the Murphy group during almost 40 years of serving the oil and gas industry.
  • Experience
    Together with other members of the MSCS UK group and associated companies we support more oil and gas entities, in more locations than any other specialist oil and gas logistics services provider.
  • HSEQ
    We have strong policies in place aimed at assuring the safety of our personnel and protecting the environment.

They are:

a. Leadership Team Visibility
Senior management site inspections and interventions

b. SID (Service Improvement Document)
Non-conformity reporting procedures, both internal and external

c. AIR (Accident Incident Reporting)
Accident/Incident/near-miss reporting procedures

d. Personal Safety Contracts
Special employment contract clause relating to individual employee’s HSE responsibilities

e. Safety Meetings
Supervised system of regular safety meetings and analysis

f. Stop the Job/Stop Cards
Absolute right of all our employees to suspend their work on safety grounds or in case of environmental concerns

This whole process is aimed at providing cost-effective, efficient, accurate and reliable logistics operations that allow our clients to focus on their core lines of business.