Caspian European Club - Azerbaijan

The Caspian European Club (CEIBC) is the largest and dynamically developing regional organization that brings together over 500 member companies and organizations from 50 countries around the world operating (or having intentions to work) in the Caspian, Black Sea and Baltic regions.

On 30 April, 2014, Murphy Shipping & Commercial Services Azerbaijan has participated in Business Forum of Azerbaijan State Customs Committee and CEIBC hosted in Baku. It was jointly organised by the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Caspian European Club (CEIBC) and chaired Chairman of the State Customs Committee, Mr Aydin Aliyev. Members discussed all aspects covering the development of the Azerbaijan customs sector.

CEIBC was established in June 2002 in association with Caspian Energy International Media Group and under intensive support of largest oil & gas companies operating in the Caspian-Black Sea region.