Transport & Equipment

Inland Transport - Local transportation in the Baku area

MSCS provides local transportation services between Baku's port/airport/central station and any logistics base
All road transportation resources used by MSCS are in full compliance with Azeri laws and regulations.

MSCS holds valid insurance certificates and policies for all transport resources employed, as do all third party service providers.

MSCS updates on destination points one day prior to the delivery of goods.

MSCS ensures that all materials are protected with tarpaulin and secured with lashing during transportation from the Baku port/airport/central station.
Any police and/or military escort required will be handled by, and is the responsibility of MSCS.

MSCS can assist with the handling and lifting/offloading of general cargoes as well as oversized and heavy materials, should this be required.

MSCS personnel are equipped with the safety gear necessary for carrying out all of the above operations.