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Murphy Shipping & Commercial Services Azerbaijan was established in Azerbaijan in 1994 by Murphy Shipping & Commercial Services Ltd, a UK-based headquarters of the Murphy Shipping Group, to provide a full range of logistics services, including, but not limited to, Freight Forwarding, Customs Clearance, Warehousing and Distribution services.

Murphy Shipping & Commercial Services Azerbaijan is the sole owner of the Garadag Customs Bonded Warehouse (GCBW) – a first-class international warehouse facility located in the strategic area of Garadag, and is the only private logistics provider in Azerbaijan that has been granted a bonded warehouse license. The facility is spread over 20,000 square metres of open and 3,800 square metres of enclosed storage space.

The warehousing areas are insulated ISO 14001 compliant storage facilities that are available for storage of dangerous and hazardous chemicals, as well as fragile and heavy or oversized goods and equipment. The warehouse facilities are manned with our own qualified warehouse management personnel and security. Periodically, this management system is updated using customer feedback, as well as with reference to changes in international practice and local legislation. As an ISO Certified organization, all of our equipment meets the standards outlined in current legislation.

MSCS’s HSE policy ensures that our Environmental Quality Assurance System as regards Operations is fully compliant with local and international requirements and is subject to continuous improvements in line with those requirements. The Personal Health and Safety of each employee is of primary importance and, to the greatest degree possible, management provides all mechanical and physical facilities to promote personal health and safety in keeping with the highest standards.Our personnel receive regular training and their safety performance is constantly monitored to ensure that risk assessment procedures are conducted prior to the start of each project. This includes fire evacuation readiness drills and training and safety supervision awareness courses.

MSCS Azerbaijan’s approach to providing professional integrated logistics services is governed by the following principles and goals:

  • Centralised communication and coordination
  • Streamlined and simplified logistics solutions and procedures
  • Efficient control systems
  • Flexibility
  • Innovation
  • Safety and security
  • High standards of service
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Performance review