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Using its extensive expertise, experience, and combined fleet of trucks, low-loaders, extension trailers, semi-trailers, and mega-trailers, our team at TES Logistics., a member of Murphy Group of companies who specialises in heavy lift and oversize cargo transportation, will ensure safe handling and delivery of your shipment regardless of destination, size, and weight.

As haulers specialised in handling and road transportation of heavy lift and oversized cargo along with conventional goods, TES Logistics has now the trucking power and experience to provide targeted solutions that will keep our customers a step ahead.

We are experts in the fields of high-volume combinations with swap bodies, mega-trailers, and exceptional loads. Working under Murphy Group’s single Quality Management System and Murphy Group’s Manual and Policy we are fully engaged in providing reliable freight forwarding, logistics, transportation, and cargo handling services worldwide and within CIS countries. Murphy’s global chain of companies and more than 42 years of expertise in serving Oil and Gas industry world-wide allows us to be customer orientated, flexible, creative and fast with delivering project solutions.

With the combined force of 54 trucks, 74 trailers (low-loaders, ext. trailers, tank trailers, standard trailers etc.), 7 cranes, and 8 forklifts – Murphy Group and TES Logistics as its member, using Murphy’s logistics bases world-wide can handle projects of any complexity and scale in Azerbaijan as well as abroad, being capable of providing full turnkey solution.

We have an excellent reputation for transporting loads with dimensions that fall outside the allowed limits. Our fleet includes 30 trailers that haul long, wide, and tall loads. By making efficient use of our semi-trailers, mega-trailers, and low loaders, we can transport goods at competitive prices. One of our strong points is our capacity to combine exceptional loads and bulk transport.